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ASED Consulting International PTY LTD are Australia’s leading independent specialist refrigeration, process cooling, process heating and heat pump engineering consulting firm based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We are also the largest specialist refrigeration consulting firm in the Australian and New Zealand market. We are proud to be wholly Australian owned and operated.

Our specialties are the design and implementation of robust, highly energy efficient industrial refrigeration systems, heavy commercial refrigeration systems and heat pump systems, which use natural refrigerants as the primary heat transfer medium, this includes high-capacity ultra-low charge ammonia-based refrigeration equipment and heat pump systems.

We take sustainability in design, decarbonisation, energy, and water minimisation very seriously. These measures are at the very core of our refrigeration system and heat pump system design.


ASEDs experienced engineers have a wealth of technical knowledge, which has accumulated through decades of reliable and persistent refrigeration system, process cooling, process heating and heat pump equipment design.

We at ASED Consulting advocate the use of natural refrigerants, whether it be Ammonia (R-717, NH3), Carbon Dioxide (R-744, CO2) or Hydrocarbons, our refrigeration systems incorporate all-natural refrigerants, designed to the highest possible efficiency. In parallel, assisting in progressing from harsh synthetic refrigerants to all-natural refrigerants.

We are based locally in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We also have offices based in Brisbane and Melbourne from these offices we provide consulting and engineering services locally across Australia and internationally including New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Our team is dedicated to continually optimising refrigeration plant design as new technologies enter the market ensuring that our system designs are efficient, second to none and exceed the expectations of our clients, whilst maintaining the highest level of professional standards to obtain the optimum results for our end-users. We continually work with end-users, multi-disciplinary consulting firms, engineers, and contractors, ensuring all client requirements are achieved.

Energy Efficient Refrigeration System & Heat Pump System Designs

A well-designed refrigeration, process cooling, process heating and heat pump system will lead to a reduction in electrical energy consumption, electrical heating requirements, and water consumption.

We incorporate the entire energy consumption of the refrigeration and associated plant from the initial site audit or meeting and provide proposals based on complex energy modelling for a multitude of refrigeration systems, heat pumps systems and mechanical plant, ensuring the end user is aware of the energy costs and savings of running such plant based on well thought out, robust and future proof designs.

The running costs of industrial refrigeration plant can be far greater than the initial installation costs of the refrigeration equipment when the total lifecycle of the systems is considered, without including the cost of periodic service and maintenance. Running costs are often overlooked as refrigeration, process cooling and heat exchange equipment are selected without considering future requirements.

We at ASED endeavour to identify all possible energy efficiency opportunities and we ensure that current and future expansions are considered. Ensuring the customer requirements are exceeded, without exception.

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