Robotics technology has become an increasingly popular solution for automating and optimising operations and processes in cold storage and distribution facilities, food production warehouses and food manufacturing facilities.

Robotics and automation systems can be used to improve efficiency, reduce labour costs, and increase product quality.

6 robotics systems that are commonly used in Cold Storage Automation System Design;

  1. Material handling robots:
    These robots are used to load and unload pallets, move products between conveyors, and transport products to and from storage areas.
  2. Packaging robots:
    These robots are used to package products for shipment and transport. They can be used to pick and place products into packages, seal packages, and apply labels.
  3. Inspection robots:
    Inspection robots are used to inspect products from a quality and safety point of view. They can be used to detect defects, measure products dimensions, and perform a myriad of other functions.
  4. Palletising robots:
    Palletising robots are used to stack and organise products onto pallets. They are used to stack products in specific orders, and patterns, to optimise storage space.
  5. Caning robots:
    These robots are used to clean and sanitise facilities, they are used to clean floors, walls, and other surfaces. Cleaning robots can also be equipped with UV-C lights for disinfection.
  6. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV):
    AGVs are mobile robots that can be used for transportation of materials and products in a facility. They can be programmed to follow a specific path and can be equipped with sensors and cameras to navigate the facility.

Robotics and automation technology is already in use, in most European countries and is making its way to the southern hemisphere.

ASED have designed world-class fully automated refrigerated facilities, and vertical refrigerated storage facilities, which have designed with, the following robotics and automation systems:

  • Delivery and depalletisation,
  • Picking and sorting,
  • Pick and place,
  • Handling and processing,
  • Pick, place and palletise,
  • Transfer to storage,
  • Distribution.

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