Refrigeration & Heat Pump System Electrification Projects:

Refrigeration and Heat Pump electrification projects are becoming increasingly important. So too the requirement for experience refrigeration & heat pump designers, engineers and consultants to design and implement environmentally friendly, energy efficient heating and cooling systems to meet the demand of current and future integration projects.

Refrigeration and Heat Pump electrification projects aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs by replacing fossil fuel heating and cooling systems with heat pumps that run on electricity from low-carbon sources.

Electrical energy generation power plants and electric grids are decarbonising and moving away from high emission fuels such as coal and oil, toward carbon free energy sources which include solar, wind, water, and other renewable technologies.

As electrical power generation becomes less emissions intensive, electrified heating solutions can make significant differences in carbon reduction.

ASED Consulting International have designed many process cooling, process heating, and heat pump systems in-line with electrification requirements of state and federal authorities.

We have designed and integrated heat pump heating and cooling systems for electrification projects for the following sectors:

  • Refrigerated facilities, Cold storage & distribution centres
  • Meat & Poultry,
  • Food and beverage processing,
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical,
  • District cooling and district heating,
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning)
  • Agricultural,
  • Textiles and dyeing,
  • Swimming pool heating,
  • Cold water immersion systems, hot water immersion systems and hydrotherapy,
  • Integrated Air-Conditioning systems.

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