ASED Consulting International Pty Ltd, are clear advocates of energy efficiency and sustainability, we have designed many ammonia and carbon dioxide-based refrigeration systems that incorporate freezing, cooling and heating duties to entire facilities, as follows:

Freezing & cooling loads, such as:

  • Blast freezer loads at the ultra-low temperature range
  • Storage freezer loads at the low temperature range
  • Cool rooms and processing room loads at the medium temperature range,
  • Liquid chilling loads at the medium temperature range
  • Process cooling and air conditioning loads at the high temperature range,

Heating & heat pump loads, such as:

  • Hot gas defrosting for ultra-low and low temperature evaporators
  • Warm glycol defrosting loads to meet evaporator defrosting duties
  • Warm glycol reticulation for sub floor heating and frost heave prevention
  • Humidification, dehumidification loads and duties
  • Hot water for facility wash-down
  • Boiler water pre-heat and replacement.

The integrated refrigeration & central energy system solution is a bespoke highly energy efficient design fulfilling a multitude of refrigeration, freezing, process cooling and heating requirements, which would otherwise require multiple mechanical, electrical and controls systems working individually to achieve the same outcome. However, the latter, at a higher initial installation cost and ever-growing service and maintenance cost.

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