Chilled Water, Chilled Glycol Refrigeration System Design

Chilled water and chilled glycol are primarily used as secondary refrigerants in the food preservation and food processing industries. Although the use of heat transfer fluids (HTFs) are not limited to water and glycol, water and glycol are the most common.

ASED specialise in the design of highly energy efficient fluid chilling refrigeration systems and associated equipment.

Hydrocarbon Chiller
Hydrocarbon Chiller

These systems are used in, but not limited to the following industries:

  • Cold storage & distribution,
  • Meat & poultry,
  • Milk, dairy & confectionary,
  • Fresh produce,
  • Mine cooling & specialised industrial air conditioning,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Manufacturing, mineral & material processing,
  • Juice processing & storage,
  • Plastics, moulding and rubber,
  • Printing press, ink & paint,
  • Wax moulding,
  • Chemical reaction control.
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