Refrigeration System Commissioning

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Innovative, energy efficient and well-designed refrigeration, process cooling, process heating and heat pump systems, go hand in hand with the system commissioning phase. In terms of maintaining the calculated efficiency in the design phase, through to the actual verification phase, when the equipment is deemed to be properly commissioned and handed over.

Refrigeration, heat pump systems and associated equipment are continually developing with technological advancements taking place within short periods of time, with these changes there is always an evolving requirement to undertake theoretical and practical training to ensure one has an understanding of how to best implement the new technology.

Refrigeration System Commissioning

Improper setup can ruin a good design for a refrigeration system.

A refrigeration system can be well designed; however, a poorly commissioned refrigeration system can eliminate all the energy efficiency savings and energy minimisation strategies which would have been accounted for in the preliminary, through detailed design stages.

Industrial refrigeration systems are essential in many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical production. The ability to commission such a system as designed, with accuracy and efficiency is critical to ensure optimal year-round performance.

Completing the design and commissioning phases is important. All parties involved should be well informed about the desired outcomes required to reach a predetermined level of operating plant efficiency. These parties include the refrigeration consultant, external consultants, refrigeration contractor, and end user (or client).

Refrigeration commissioning checklist

Benefits of a correctly commissioned refrigeration, process cooling, process heating and heat pump systems:

  1. Increased efficiency:
    How can commissioning an industrial refrigeration system increase efficiency and reduce energy and water consumption?
  2. Improved reliability:
    What is the benefit of re-commissioning a system after a process load or process variable change in terms of maintaining reliability and reducing downtime?
  3. Improved safety:
    How can commissioning a system help improve safety features and processes, ensuring that it is up to code and protecting personnel and equipment?
  4. Improved performance:
    How can commissioning help maximize performance and output of a system by ensuring that it is properly tuned and adjusted?
  5. Reduced maintenance costs:
    How can commissioning a system help reduce maintenance costs by identifying potential problems before they occur and avoiding costly repairs and downtime?

Our experienced engineering team can assist end-users and contractors with the pre-commissioning, commissioning, and fine-tuning of refrigeration, process cooling, process heating, and heat pump systems on and off site.

This ensures that all the energy efficiency savings and energy minimisation strategies will be implemented during this important phase of the project. Irrespective of type of refrigeration system or plant control complexity, we can assist in a multitude of ways, ensuring the clients predetermined energy expectations are as calculated, or better.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our refrigeration system commissioning services and how we can help take your system to the next level!

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