ASED can provide refrigeration system designs that provide freezing, cooling, heating, and heat pump duties. These systems are the heart of many food preservation, food processing, food manufacturing and food distribution facilities and sectors within the field of industrial refrigeration.

Efficient industrial refrigeration

The refrigeration system and associated equipment are also the main contributor to capital and operational expenditure on a yearly basis. The costs of such equipment can be quite high, if not designed and selected correctly by those who are appropriately qualified and highly experienced.

The actual cost

The actual cost of energy does not become evident until such time as an energy audit is carried out and by this time, unfortunately it is too late to design for energy efficiency. It is highly important that these systems are designed with high efficiency from the conceptual design stage, only then will the benefits of highly energy efficient refrigeration systems be realised.

Industrial refrigeration systems

The combined experience of ASED in the industrial refrigeration, process cooling, heating, and heat pump design space exceeds 100 years. ASED specialise in the energy efficient sustainable refrigeration design and implementation at large-scale for industrial refrigeration systems and heavy commercial refrigeration systems, with a particular emphasis on natural refrigerants.

Evaporative Condensers
Evaporative Condensers

Ammonia and large scale Co2 refrigeration System Design

Ammonia (NH3 – 717) refrigeration systems and carbon dioxide (CO2 – R744) based refrigeration systems are at the core of our design expertise. 

We work with industrial refrigeration contractors

We have developed streamlined processes which allow us to successfully work with end-users, contractors and other consulting firms who may be working on the project, from the initial conceptual and preliminary designs, (which include benchmarking energy efficiency opportunities and energy minimisation targets) through to detailed design, contractor engagement project management, supervised plant commissioning and successful project handover.

Ammonia refrigeration system design

ASED provide specialist services for new refrigeration plant installations, plant remodelling, and upgrades to achieve targeted energy minimisation goals along with existing refrigeration system upgrades. Irrespective of the size, or complexity of the task, our specialist refrigeration consultants can provide detailed system designs.

Ammonia Reciprocating Packages
Ammonia Reciprocating Packages

ASED Industrial Refrigeration System Design Services include:

  • Detailed Refrigeration Engineering & Design,
  • Industrial Refrigeration Systems,
  • Commercial Refrigeration Systems,
  • Fluid Chilling & Heating Systems,
  • Heat Pumps & Heat Recovery Systems,
  • Thermal Energy Storage Systems,
  • Humidity Control Systems,
  • Technical Specification Preparation,
  • Tender & Contract Management,
  • Thermal Modelling & Simulation,
  • Process Plant Layouts,
  • 2D & 3D Drafting,
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams,
  • Arrangement Drawings,
  • Site Services Design,
  • Energy Management Systems,
  • Hazard & Operability Studies,
  • Concept Development,
  • Pressure Vessel Design,
  • Plant Safety Assessments,
  • Pre & Post Project Assessments,
  • Dedicated Air Processing,
  • Refrigeration, Mechanical, Electrical & Controls Systems Integration,
  • Food & Beverage Mechanical Systems,
  • Documenting System Function, Operability & Conformance,
  • Failure Analysis & Rectification.
  • Feasibility & FEED Studies,
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics,
  • Process Modelling & Reporting,
  • Process Analysis & Mapping,
  • Root Cause Analysis,
  • Expert Witness.
Industrial Refrigeration Systems [Ammonia and Large Scale Co2 Refrigeration Systems]
Industrial Refrigeration Systems [Ammonia and Large Scale Co2 Refrigeration Systems]
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