Project Overview: Swimming Pool Heat Pump Upgrade

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Upgrade

ASED Consulting International, a distinguished international leader in the fields of industrial refrigeration, process cooling, process heating, heat pump engineering and consulting, proudly announces its latest project in collaboration with a prestigious 5-star hotel. As experts in the decarbonised energy consulting sector, we bring our specialised services to this significant venture, demonstrating our unparalleled capability and commitment to excellence.

Our team was entrusted with the critical tasks of detailed design and engineering for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. This project underscores our dedication to delivering top-tier consulting services tailored to the high standards of luxury hotel establishments, ensuring innovative and efficient solutions.

Phase One: Heat Pump System Replacement

ASED conducted extensive measurement and verification processes to analyse the hotel’s energy consumption with unparalleled precision. This rigorous analysis was a crucial component of phase one of the project, which involved replacing the existing R1234ze heat pump system with a critically charged ammonia heat pump system. Known for its high efficiency and low environmental impact, the ammonia system represents a significant upgrade in both performance, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

ASED assisted the client with accessing rebates, which were used to offset 40.0% of the project’s capital expenditure. The client is currently enjoying the 54.5% reduction in energy consumption.

Client Satisfaction and Future Expansion

Impressed by the outstanding results, our client is now considering upgrading the heat pump systems of two additional hotels to ammonia-based solutions. This expansion reflects the client’s confidence in ASED’s technical expertise and the proven benefits of ammonia systems in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in luxury hospitality settings.

Phase Two: Air-Conditioning System Upgrade

Building on the success of phase one, ASED Consulting International is currently providing specialist advice on phase two of the project. Phase two involves upgrading the hotel’s air-conditioning system to a critically charged ammonia chilled and heated hot water system, further demonstrating our comprehensive capability in delivering advanced, eco-friendly engineering solutions.

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