About ASED Consulting Engineers

ASED Consulting Engineers are a specialist independent refrigeration, process cooling and heat exchange engineering consulting firm. Our services encompass refrigeration and process cooling systems which are based on natural refrigerants. We cover all aspects of Industrial refrigeration and process cooling design and engineering. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

Our design and engineering team consists of highly qualified individuals, who are passionate in the design and implementation of energy efficient refrigeration, process cooling and heat exchange plant.

We currently employ the following refrigeration specialist engineers:

  • Refrigeration and thermal engineers specialising in the design and implementation of industrial refrigeration systems, commercial refrigeration systems,  process cooling systems and heat pump heating plant.
  • Chemical and process engineers specialising in the design and implementation of refrigeration systems and specialised process cooling systems for the chemical, petrochemical, and gas compression industries.
  • Mechanical and Mechatronic engineers specialising in the design of refrigeration systems and associated plant such as recirculation vessels, heat exchangers, chilled fluid pumping stations, heating systems for the flame and explosion-proof industries.
  • Electrical and controls engineers specialising in the design and implementation of fully automated process and plant control for the refrigeration, process cooling, process heating and HVAC industries.

We specialise in the design and implementation of large Industrial systems which employ ammonia as the primary refrigerant. We also provide solutions which utilise ultra-low charge ammonia designs in the Direct Expansion configuration (DX) for the industrial and light industrial sector.

Our refrigeration system design for the heavy commercial refrigeration sector incorporates full CO2 refrigeration systems which utilise screw and reciprocating compressors to fill the gap between industrial and commercial refrigeration applications.

Our Refrigeration and Thermal Engineering Consultants provide the following Services:

  • Detailed Refrigeration Design (New, remodelled and existing plant).
  • Detailed Tender Packages including specifications for equipment, installation, commissioning, service & maintenance of refrigeration plant.
  • Review of concept designs, detailed design and working drawings.
  • Energy Assessments – Plant performance and efficiency analysis.
  • Troubleshooting & reporting on energy reduction and efficiency improvements.
  • Technical audits and feasibility studies.
  • Drafting and monitoring of maintenance schedules and analysis of plant running costs.
  • Guidance and compliance with Legislation.
  • Specialists in Ammonia (NH3), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrocarbon refrigeration system design, consulting and implementation.
  • Refrigeration & Process Plant Heat Recovery.
  • Project management and supervision.
  • Systems integration
  • Pre-purchase inspections and testing.
  • Project assessments and development and implementation of corrective action plans.
  • Site evaluations and Budget estimation.
  • Preparation and implementation of long-term maintenance schedules and programmes for engineering systems and maintenance equipment.
  • Contractor engagement and appointment.
  • Tender submission assessment.
  • Preparation of control programmes and schedules for overall development control, detailed design and documentation, procurement, construction, fit out and commissioning.
  • Monitoring of project performance to schedules, identification of potential areas of issue and problems, development and implementation of corrective action to ensure project objectives are met.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

We advise, design and consult on all facets of industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration system requirements including:

  • Preparation of specifications for equipment, which include:
    • Installation & commissioning,
    • Service & maintenance.
  • Design and Consultation on Ammonia (NH3 – R717) refrigeration plant, which include:
    • Pump recirculated ammonia refrigeration systems,
    • Flooded heat exchanger ammonia refrigeration systems,
    • Ultra-low charge Direct Expansion(DX) ammonia refrigeration systems,
  • Design and Consultation on Carbon Dioxide (CO2 – R744) refrigerant plant which include:
    • Full CO2 refrigeration systems (Trans – Critical),
    • Low stage CO2 refrigeration systems (Sub – Critical),
    • Pump recirculated volatile brine CO2 refrigeration systems,
    • Flooded vessel low temperature and medium temperature CO2 refrigeration systems
    • Direct Expansion (DX) CO2 refrigeration systems and associated equipment.
  • Design and Consultation on Process fluid chillers and associated cooling systems, Inc:
    • Process cooling systems based on any heat exchange fluid,
    • Chilled glycol refrigeration systems, and
    • Chilled water refrigeration systems,
    • Specialised process cooling systems.
  • Development of management, engineering and administration of teams within companies.
  • Improving energy efficiency, minimising energy consumption, environmental impact and increasing system reliability.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of refrigeration equipment.
  • Refrigeration, mechanical and electrical system commissioning and re-commissioning to optimise plant operation.
  • Evaluation of refrigeration components and systems.
  • Theoretical and practical training on refrigeration and associated equipment.
  • Preparation of technical articles and papers.

Our refrigeration engineering, thermal design and process cooling consultants provide specialist services to the following industries:

  • Cold storage facility refrigeration engineering and process cooling system design and implementation.
  • Distribution centre refrigeration, thermal engineering and process cooling design and implementation.
  • Meat and poultry refrigeration engineering and fluid chilling system design and implementation.
  • Mining and energy refrigeration system engineering and process cooling design.
  • Food manufacturing and processing facility refrigeration engineering, process cooling design and implementation.
  • Milk and dairy industry refrigeration engineering, process cooling and heat pump system design.
  • Fresh produce refrigeration system design, humidity control system engineering and process cooling consulting.
  • Seafood and marine refrigeration plant and ice-making system engineering design and implementation.
  • Baking facility refrigeration engineering, process cooling system design and implementation.
  • Onshore and offshore process cooling engineering, refrigeration system design and gas compression consulting.
  • Juice, soft drink processing and manufacturing refrigeration, process cooling and heat pump equipment
    consulting, design, and engineering.
  • Ice rink and artificial ski field refrigeration, process cooling system consulting, design, and engineering.
  • Pharmaceutical refrigeration, process cooling and humidity control equipment consultation, design, and
  • Cryogenic cooling and freezing refrigeration system equipment design and thermal engineering.
  • Hypermarket and supermarket system consulting, design, and engineering.
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