International Cold Storage Specialist Engages ASED Consulting International for The Design & Specification of Refrigeration & Integrated Air-Conditioning System. The First of Its Kind in The Southern Hemisphere.

Client: Confidential
Sector: Cold Storage & Distribution
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Site Type: Greenfield

Refrigeration Plant: Trans-Critical Carbon Dioxide (R744 – CO2) Refrigeration System

  • Ultra-Low Temperature Loads,
  • Low Temperature Loads,
  • Medium Temperature Loads,
  • High Temperature – Integrated Air-Conditioning Loads

Configuration: Centralised Integrated Racks

Commissioned: 2024 – Planned

Job Number: R1.P3370.Q1.21

Design & Consulting Services Provided:

  1. Detailed Design of Refrigeration, Integrated Air- Conditioning & Process Heating Systems,
  2. Detailed Design of Blast Freezer Cells,
  3. Trans – Critical Carbon Dioxide (R744 – CO2) Refrigeration Specification,
  4. Integrated Air – Conditioning Specification,
  5. Detailed Design of Humidity Control System,
  6. Humidity Control System Specification,
  7. Detailed Design of Robotics, Automated Packing & Sorting Systems,
  8. Robotics, Automated Packing Systems Specification,
  9. Contractor Pre-Qualification,
  10. Contractor Tender Submission Review.


ASED Consulting International PTY LTD was engaged to provide detailed engineering design and specification for a greenfield cold storage & distribution centre located in Auckland, New Zealand.

The proposed cold store would be the very first in the southern hemisphere for the business, the client specifically requested that the design be based upon Carbon Dioxide and that all conditioned spaces were to be operable in both low temperature and medium temperature modes, with the exclusion of the inbound loading and outbound loading docks.


ASED put forth a proposal for the design of a Trans-Critical carbon dioxide refrigeration system with integrated chilled glycol system to provide air conditioning duty, this includes full heat reclaim and heat re-purposing to provide heated hot water for the integrated air conditioning systems, all the required coil defrost duties and sub floor heating for frost heave prevention.

The Solution:

ASED incorporated a bespoke refrigeration and heat pump system design. Which include;

  • Two full carbon dioxide refrigeration racks for low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature operation.
  • Two full carbon dioxide refrigeration racks for the ultra-low temperature blast freezers.

Equipment Capacities:

Refrigeration Duty:

  • Blast freezers:               1,823.51 kWR @ -47.5°C SST
  • Storage freezers:           1,893.91 kWR @ -22.0°C SST
  • Cool rooms & docks:     1,970.67 kWR @ -3.0°C SST
  • Air Conditioning:            334.68 kWR @ 5.0 °C HTF Supply Temperature.

Heating Duty:

  • Combined:                    1,650.00 kWH @ 68.0°C

“Partner with leaders in the refrigeration consulting industry on your next project, for a bespoke design and solution”.

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