Multinational Cold Storage Specialist Engages ASED Consulting International for The Design & Implementation of an Integrated Centralised Ammonia Refrigeration, Process Cooling & Heat Pump Systems

Client: Confidential
Sector: Cold Storage & Distribution
Location: Perth, WA
Site Type: Greenfield
Refrigeration Plant: Low Charge Ammonia Refrigeration System
Cooling Plant: Low Charge Ammonia Chilled Glycol System
Heating Plant: Low Charge Ammonia Heat Pump System
Configuration: Centralised Packages
Commissioned: 2021
Job Number: P.3364.Q3.21

Consulting Services Provided:

  1. Detailed Design of Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems
  2. Ammonia (R717) Refrigeration Specification
  3. Ammonia (R717) Heat Pump Specification
  4. Electrical, Plant & Process Control Specification
  5. Project Management & Supervision
  6. Tender Submission Review
  7. Contractor Engagement


ASED Consulting International was engaged to provide detailed engineering design and specification for a greenfield Cold Storage & Distribution facility located in Perth, Western Australia. The client was made aware of the superior energy efficiency of Ammonia as a refrigerant, as compared to industry standard synthetic refrigerants and as such opted for a comparison between the different technologies.

Thermal modelling and energy consumption simulations were provided to the client, to which it was made evident that an ammonia-based refrigeration, process cooling and heat pump packages would be best suited to the clients’ multitude of applications and requirements. The thermal modelling and energy consumption simulation nominated the energy efficiencies to be as high as 64.6%, when compared with single stage, industry standard air cooled synthetic based refrigeration systems with electric defrost.

To limit the amount of ammonia stored within the refrigeration system and onsite, a low charge system configuration was implemented.

Equipment Capacities:

Refrigeration Duty:

  • Blast freezers:               550.00 kWR @ -35.0°C
  • Storage freezers:           1,200.00 kWR @ -22.0°C
  • Storage cool rooms:      2,400.00 kWR @ -2.0°C

Heating Duty:

  • Combined:                    1,300.00 kWH @ 75.0°C

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