ASED Integrated Energy Efficient Refrigeration Plant Design

We at ASED Consulting and Engineering Pty Ltd, are clear advocates of energy efficiency, we have designed full CO2 (Trans – Critical) refrigeration systems which provide cooling and heating duties to entire facilities, as follows:

We incorporate cooling loads, such as:

  • Blast freezer loads at the ultra-low temperature range
  • Storage freezer loads at the low temperature range
  • Cool rooms and processing room loads at the medium temperature range,
  • Liquid chilling loads at the medium temperature range
  • Process cooling and air conditioning loads at the high temperature range.

We incorporate heating loads, such as:

  • Hot gas defrosting for ultra-low and low temperature evaporators
  • Warm glycol defrosting loads to meet evaporator defrosting duties
  • Warm glycol reticulation for sub floor heating and frost heave prevention
  • Humidification, dehumidification loads and duties
  • Hot water for facility wash-down
  • Boiler water pre-heat and replacement.

The ASED Integrated Plant is a bespoke highly energy efficient design fulfilling a multitude of refrigeration, process cooling and heating requirements, which would otherwise require multiple mechanical and electrical systems working individually to achieve the same outcome. However, the latter, at a higher initial installation cost and ever-growin

ASED integrated Energy plant

Energy Efficient Refrigeration Plant Designs

A well-designed refrigeration and process cooling system will lead to a vast reduction in energy consumption and a significant increase in electrical energy savings. Energy usage and minimisation are at the forefront of our refrigeration equipment designs, we incorporate the entire energy consumption of the refrigeration and associated plant from the initial site audit or meeting and provide proposals based on complex energy modelling for a multitude of mechanical plant, ensuring the end user is well aware of the energy costs and savings of running such plant based on well thought out, robust and future proof designs.

The running costs of industrial refrigeration plant can be far greater than the initial installation costs of the refrigeration equipment, without considering the cost of periodic service and maintenance. Running costs are often overlooked as refrigeration, process cooling and heat exchange equipment are selected without diversity or failing to take future expansion into account.

We at ASED endeavour to identify all possible energy efficiency opportunities and we ensure that current and future expansions are considered. Ensuring the customer requirements are met, without exception.

Fully integrated CO2 refrigeration system for supermarkets

ASED Imbedded Smart Logic, Data Processing and Analysis – Realtime

Data analysis and reactive processing is a complex system, coupled with imbedded smart logic the complexity increases two-fold. ASED Consulting and Engineering incorporate these systems and algorithms within the control logic of the main plant control system, there are various advantages of having such complexity within a refrigeration plant control system, as follows;

  • Targeted energy efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The analysis is based on Realtime parameters of a functional refrigeration system. The system automatically calculates the most energy efficient point within the cycle and maintains this point, until a change in design parameters occurs.
  • Minimised reactive maintenance (breakdown service), reactive maintenance can end up being quite costly, especially if the services are required to be undertaken outside of business hours. Imbedded smart logic (ISL) analyses data and information at short frequencies, allowing a quick response in accordance with field and local parameters. For a detailed overview on this technology, kindly call ASED for a confidential conversation.
  • Planned service and maintenance are carried out as usual at a monthly frequency, further reducing costs. As these costs are incorporated in the quotation stages of a new installation and staged throughout the year as per the manufacturer’s specifications. No additional costs are incurred due to “outside of warranty works”.
  • The Imbedded Smart Logic is retained within the control system and does not require additional “add – on” control systems to perform this duty, there is no need for secondary phone lines, sim cards, yearly subscriptions to a external refrigeration plant monitoring service. All system data is made available to the plant owner and refrigeration service provider.

Complete System Integration: Refrigeration, Electrical and Controls Engineering

A robust, innovatively designed, energy efficient refrigeration system is dependent on several independent systems. These systems include:

  • A well designed and innovatively designed refrigeration system.
  • A robust electrical and control system.
  • Well though out, field tried and tested control strategy and modulation system, imbedded within the control system logic.

These systems, while being totally independent of each other must function and operate in a highly integrated manner, to meet energy efficiency targets. We at ASED have the ability to offer these specialist services in house making the solution efficient, reliable and safe. Individually designed refrigeration systems have individual requirements when meeting energy efficiency and energy minimisation targets.

ASED Consulting and Engineering bring all these systems together with in – house design expertise, our engineers cover the design of energy efficient industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, along with associated electrical and control system design. We use control strategies and algorithms which are highly complex and that have been field tested. These control strategies integrate the refrigeration system, electrical and control systems and with this results a refrigeration system that is the most energy efficient for its application.

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