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Refrigeration System Commissioning

Refrigeration System Commissioning

A refrigeration system can be well designed; however, a poorly commissioned refrigeration system can eliminate all the energy efficiency savings.

Additional Sustainability Consulting Services

Additional Sustainability Consulting Services

Energy Performance Simulations: National Construction Code (NCC) Section J Compliance: Green Star Project Delivery & Advice:…

government incentives

Government Incentives

ASED Consulting International have partnered and work closely with government bodies and specialist service providers who…

Refrigeration Consulting – Independent Expert Witness and Opinion Services – Refrigeration Subject Matter Experts

ASED Consulting International PTY LTD provide specialist expert witness services, litigation support and expert testimony in matters relating to the technical aspects of complex projects.

project management

Project Management

ASED Consulting International PTY LTD have been involved with high pressure, low downtime projects since inception,…

electric ice

Refrigeration & Heat Pump System Electrification Projects

Refrigeration and Heat Pump electrification projects are becoming increasingly important.

Food, Beverage & Cold Storage

Cold Storage Robotics & Automation System Design

Robotics technology has become an increasingly popular solution for automating and optimising operations and processes in…

flowing waterfall

Computational Energy & Flow Modelling

ASED Consulting International PTY LTD specialise in the implementation of highly complex simulation programs to trouble…

Thermal Energy Storage System Design

Thermal Energy Storage & Phase Change Material System Design Thermal Energy Storage (TES) coupled to Phase…

Critical & Active Humidity Control

ASED Consulting International PTY LTD have decades of experience in the design and implementation of humidity…

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